Work Clothing in New Zealand is All About Durability

Work clothing in New Zealand is all about durability. Here are some of the best things you can wear when working outdoors:

1.Work jackets/Work coats

When working onsite, the importance of your work jacket cannot be ignored. Work jacket or work coat protects you against the hostility of weather and other job hazards. When it comes to buying a work jacket for you, here are some of the key things to consider:

A hood (for winter work)

A drawstring waist to trap warmth

Ribknit cuffs for warmth and durability

Solid construction and tough fabrics and


Overalls are symbolic of effort. People wear these puppies when working on a store floor, pounding framing nails in a July wind or kneeling on muddy ground. Most work overalls and coveralls that are sold in New Zealand have insulation mechanism to keep you warm. In addition, there are reinforcements such as triple stitching on the seams.

3.Work pants/Jeans

Work pants generally have either canvas duck or denim as their fabric. This provides for better durability. They have the same reinforcement features as other work clothing available in New Zealand. Many have conventional "five-pocket" styling, with rear pockets, hand pockets along with a coin pocket on top of the right front pocket.


Work vests are one of the perfect clothing products that provide an additional protective layer. Try wearing them over your work shirt in moderately cool weather or under your work coat on colder days. All of these work vests are insulated and have large pockets. In addition, they free your arms to do your job with more agility.

5.Work shirts

These shirts are available in a variety of options like hoodies, t-shirts, sweatshirts and flannels. Having such a variety allows you to choose what works best for you. Choose one that is easy on your skin, provides adequate warmth, and is not expensive enough to part with. You might also want to wear a sweat-wicking shirt made of polyester that helps fight the odour and keeps you moisture free.

6. Work Shorts

Shorts are necessary in warm weather, especially when you are prone to indulging in pursuits like landscaping and roofing. Expect them to have the features that are same as work pants.


For those looking to add a layer of warmth to their work clothes, thermals or long underwear is what they should choose. The base layer should be able to wick the moisture in addition to providing you the perfect insulation. Cheap cotton thermals certainly are a poor choice. Polyester, silk and wool are some of the best materials to go with.

8.Work Gloves

It is easy to admit that calluses are cool; however, some jobs demand the protection of work gloves. Most work gloves are made up of all-natural leather like deerskin or elkskin, or sewn coming from a tough cotton duck.


Based on the conditions, the work-hat you wear must either provide sufficient protection from sun with its wide brim or enough warmth through its thickly knitted fabric.

10. Sunglasses

The best sunglasses for work are the ones that block both the sun and its glare. In addition, they should never fall off your face. Here are some of the features to look for:

1. Look for yellow or brown lenses that can maintain adequate brightness.

2. Look for polarised lenses if you work near asphalt, water, snow or other reflective materials to reduce the glare.

3. Consider having wraparound frames that hug your face.

Don't allow classic good looks to fool you. Regardless of your work situation and circumstances, the work wear mentioned above will sufficiently guard you from whatever you encounter.